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Christina Avallone is the mom of two beautiful, grown daughters. She has lived through and parented through some of the most significant technological changes in the history of the world. She chose to leave a successful, corporate career and stay at home with her children. Here she saw the necessity of bringing the same discipline and order she had used to manage a million dollar a week 401K plan for the Vanguard Group to this new endeavor of full-time family management. With a husband who traveled a lot for his job, she carried this task alone most of the time. During this time, she began teaching a class called, Parenting in a Digital World. This class has been attended by hundreds of folks who came in discouraged but left empowered and encouraged. Her passion for several years has been to articulate an actionable plan and encourage parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, mentors, and even older siblings to help their families get out from under the control of surveillance capitalism and break the addiction of technology.